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Apps to design unique holiday greeting cards directly from your smartphone

Claire Becknell contributed this piece.

There are too many easy and affordable holiday card apps to waste time stressing about your family's annual Christmas cards. This year, it is time to take advantage of these personalized ecard makers so you can spend your day watching holiday movies rather than waiting in line at Walgreens.

The first app to dabble with is Touchnote. To make a Christmas card, simply press the greeting card or postcard icon, and multiple holiday card options appear under the ‘Happy Holidays’ section. Here, users can pick their favorite options from the wide selection of fun holiday cards. Just press a template you would like to use and upload a photo of the family and you’re already nearly finished with your personalized card.

All cards have free postage with a shipping rate of two to five days. Outside of the card options, there are handpicked gifts you can pair with your holiday card. These gifts range from holiday mugs to ‘Best Dad’ and ‘Best Mom’ bundles which are only available to ship within the US.

Users can access Touchnote online at or download it for free on IOS and Android devices.


JibJab is the holiday card maker for family members who need a good laugh. This app allows you to feature your face on the wackiest holiday characters for a Christmas flash mob. To start, create an account and select the holiday scene you would like to enter. Then, add a photo of your face and JibJab will do the rest. Users can add up to five faces, so the entire family can be included in the fun.

JibJab can be used online at or downloaded for free on Android and IOS.


Felt is a unique greeting card app users can download to create one-of-a-kind Christmas cards. Once logged in, users can choose from multiple size options ranging from a simple square to a unique accordion style. You can choose specific holiday card designs and then include photos of the family to wrap the collage together.

Felt includes a special feature where users can use their own handwriting on the greeting card. There is also a fun gift idea called a ‘Love Bomb’, which explodes your loved one's mailboxes with cards from all of their friends and family. With the sharing option, you can invite others to collaborate on the card to ensure it is full of love from everyone involved. These cards are sent first class and ship for free within two to six days.

To try out Felt, visit which will take you directly to your app store to download it for free.

Great piece from Claire Becknell.


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