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'America Saves Week' with Bank of America's Robin Growley

Rick is joined by Robin Growley, Head of Consumer Deposits at Bank of America for this special segment on an important topic... saving.

It's "America Saves Week."

Have a listen:


How is the savings landscape this year? What goals are Americans prioritizing?

What advice do you have for people who are just beginning their savings journey?

What do you recommend people do if they’re tempted to abandon their savings goals due to inflation?

What are some tools that make saving a lot more seamless?

What is America Saves Week? Where can we go to learn more, take the pledge, and save?

Robin Growley is responsible for the strategic direction and growth of Bank of America’s everyday banking, savings and payments solutions for 41 million consumer clients. She leads the company’s efforts to provide a full range of consumer deposit products and payments including checking, savings, CDs, IRAs, debit card, wires, ACH, and real-time payments. Robin is responsible for a $890B deposit portfolio which has achieved a #1 position for retail deposit market share. Robin is a leading consumer financial expert and budgeting guru who provides strategies, tips and advice to consumers on how to effectively manage their finances and is regularly quoted in leading financial and consumer advice publications.

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