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Alltimate Luggage for wrinkle-free packing

RJ Hudson, showcased the award-winning, patented Alltimate 3-in-1 Carry-On Luggage System for wrinkle-free packing and has been selected for the Inventor’s Spotlight at the 2023 PGA Show in Orlando, Fla. For travel challenges these days, including limited space in overheads, lost luggage, and delayed flights, it’s critical to have the right carry-on that allows travelers to finally have an option to pack the items they love and feel confident on the course and off.

Whether purchased online, in a pro shop or received as a tee gift, users will be able to travel smarter and simpler with their Alltimate in hand.

I like the practical innovations every traveler needs to have:

The award-winning, patented Alltimate 3-in-1 Carry-On Luggage System provides travelers:

1. A  garment bag that wraps around a generous duffle and connects for a single carry-on bag  for wrinkle-free packing and  easy carrying,  plus a day pack for daily events. It’s also perfect for train hopping, overnight excursions, or flights that only allow smaller carry-ons. Travelers always have everything they need on their journey and at their destination.

2. Add-a-bag sleeves with our SecureStay technology zippers — on both the garment bag and duffle — to provide travelers the option to carry this system securely atop roller board as an accessory. With zippers locked, the Alltimate will not budge as travelers race to their gate.

3. Our exclusive extension sleeve in the garment bag for longer items (such as a gentleman’s trench coat or a lady’s dresses) or separate storage (raincoats, accessories, dirties, etc.)

4. Versatility, ideal for when more space is needed for shopping or when in need of lightening a suitcase at check-in. Garment bag and duffle can also be carried individually. Three ways to carry the garment bag:

 Around the duffle, holding 3-4 hanged items

 Folded in half, holding much more

 Fully extended using the finger loop, holding even more because of the 3.5” expansion fold in the long sides

5. Quick access with both the garment bag and duffle featuring the travel document pocket, SecureStay add-a-bag zippers and loops for securing carrying strap.

6. Compact storage as the collapsible garment bag and duffle fit into the day pack, taking about as much space in a closet as a shoe box for quick access. Shopping travelers can simply pack the Alltimate (garment bag and duffle stored in day pack) in their suitcase and fill it for their return trip.

7. A custom-designed shoulder strap featuring seatbelt webbing for durability and ergonomic design that allows comfortable shoulder or cross-body carry.

How the AlltimateTM 3-in-1 Carry-On Luggage System makes travel easier: 

1.. Plenty of room for must-have clothing, accessories and recreational items for a long weekend or week.

Garment Bag 19"W x 36"L with 3.5" expansion fold on long side (2,394 cubic inches)

Duffle 20.75” L x 11”W x 10.75”H (1,377 cubic inches)

Day Pack 16.5” W x 17”L   |   Cord 32”

Comfort Strap: 48” L x 1.5”W (Comfort Pad 11.5”L x 2.5”W)

2. Save time (and the associated stress) by not having to iron: arrive wrinkle-free and have your clothes ready in case of delayed arrivals.  The business traveler can’t afford to show up unprepared for meetings.

3. Carry the garment bag connected around the duffle as a personal bag or both pieces carried separately as a personal bag and carry-on, doubling capacity. 

4. If paired with a roller board, the Alltimate 3-in-1 Carry-On Travel System becomes the personal bag, multiplying capacity.

5. Not only do the duffle and day pack carry clothes to the final destination, but they can be repurposed for carrying what’s needed for daily activities (pickleball, gym, spa, bike riding, market hopping, day trips, etc.).

6. Quickly access travel essentials  like passports whether carrying the set or the duffle by itself.

7. Quality materials means functioning luggage throughout the trip

a. Exterior is durable and water-repellent

b. Lining is water-repellent doubling the water protection and is made of diamond ripstop meaning tears are contained to less than a ¼ inch

c. Seat belting strap won’t fray, and stainless-steel hardware is durable

BONUS: Pro-tips for packing:

1. Pack one pair (and wear one pair) of shoes and build wardrobe around those.

2. Smart packing includes multipurpose items and layering.

3. Lay everything out on bed to see that items coordinate with each other.

4. Always carry a bandana/scarf for staying warm, providing breathing protection, or tying something together.

5. Only pack one jewelry set (cufflinks or earrings) to coordinate with all to avoid the panic when something can’t be found.

Why the Alltimate was created:

“Having traveled both domestically and internationally for many years in my marketing position for Aflac and personal trips, I just knew there had to be a better piece of luggage,” Hudson shared. “Once my son started attending the University of Georgia, juggling all the luggage on our first trip to Athens and then having to re-iron everything was a nightmare.  My search for a piece of luggage that would hold my clothes,  keep them wrinkle free, and be easy to carry left me empty handed. My husband commented that I was always coming up  with solutions and suggested I invent something and here we are.”

With years of ideation, prototyping, sourcing, and patenting, as of February 2022 the ALLTIMATE 3-in-1 Luggage System has earned three utility patents- two in the US and one in the UK.

To purchase an Alltimate 3-in-1 Travel Set, visit:


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