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Adobe Summit 'Inspiration Keynote' focus on sports, teamwork

As always at Adobe Summit, the second day's keynote is my favorite.

"What makes a good teammate is selflessness. Not caring what role that you have, just all in for a greater cause or greater good."

Taking it day by day. Giving 100%. Damar Hamlin talking life and football with Peyton Manning. "Go hard. You never know who's watching."

Two football greats, Damar Hamlin and Peyton Manning, sat down for a conversation at #AdobeSummit.

Also providing inspiration before Hamlin and Manning:

Anil Chakravarthy

President, Digital Experience, Adobe

Lisa Su

AMD Chair and CEO, Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

Aaron Sorkin

Academy Award–winning Writer, Director, and Playwright

Anjul Bhambhri

SVP, Engineering, Experience Cloud, Adobe

Amit Ahuja

SVP, Experience Cloud, Platform & Products, Adobe

Ely Greenfield

CTO Adobe Digital Media, Adobe

Stacy Martinet

VP, Marketing Strategy & Communications, Adobe


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