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Add comfort and stability to your golf game with Swiftwick Socks

Meet Swiftwick's signature golfing sock, the Flite XT.

Do something for your feet as the Flite XT was designed with stability features to help you land the perfect swing. GripDry fibers on the sole of the sock provide traction within your shoe with tiny nanofibers, and Ankle Lock Technology wraps your ankle with strong elastic for added support.

The top of the sock is unique as the mesh upper section of the sock provides ventilation and breathability to ensure your feet stay dry and comfortable all day on the course.

The sock is available in two cuff heights, let me know if you'd like to try either for yourself!

Flite XT Zero Tab

Flite XT Five

FLITE XT® is ideal for a variety of activities that require all-around stability.

This sock also features AnkleLock™ Technology to support your ankles during repetitive movements. Proprietary GripDry™ Fiber is incorporated into the heel and forefoot, this fiber is made up of tiny nanofibers that grip to your shoes to minimize movement and slipping. GripDry™ Fiber is blended with our signature Olefin fiber that wicks moisture to keep you dry and blister-free. The medium cushion is versatile enough to provide comfort during a variety of activities, while medium compression gently hugs the arch of your foot for lasting support.

It doesn't matter if you are training at home, lifting heavy at the gym, swinging your racquet on the court, walking 18 holes, or running a race - these socks have got you and your feet covered.

The most technologically advanced sock for stability, ideal for a variety of activities.

Targeted ankle and heel support protects ankles during quick movement.

GripDry™ Fiber in the heel and forefoot keeps you stable in your shoes.

68% Nylon / 19% Olefin / 9% Polyester / 4% Spandex

Comfort, stability and more.

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