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Acocados From Mexico always leading the way with Super Bowl commercial

Let there be guac! Leading up to the Super Bowl, Avocados From Mexico® (AFM), the number one selling avocado brand in the U.S., proved that avocados really do make everything better with the release of their new Big Game ad starring actor/producer Anna Faris. The brand's :30 second spot will air during the second quarter of the Big Game on February 12, 2023, and is the perfect avocado pit at the center of the brand's innovative 360-degree marketing campaign.

This year's ad depicts a story as old as time, and how one magical avocado could change the world as we know it. The spot features Anna Faris as Eve in a reimagined story of the Garden of Eden. After facing certain doom due to eating the forbidden fruit, she grabs an avocado to save Adam and herself from the ominous darkness ahead, because Avocados From Mexico make everything better. Talk about holy guacamole! The ad then flashes forward to present-day New York City, where the island of Manhattan is a paradise of avocado goodness, down to its moniker, "The Big Avocado." Viewers will be green with envy when they see this new and better world where everyone is in a good mood, everyone is kind to one another, and everyone—including Adam and Eve—is still walking around blissfully in the buff.

AFM partnered for the first time with iconic director Bryan Buckley, who has directed more than 70 Big Game commercials. Buckley is an esteemed recipient of numerous awards and accolades, such as The One Clubs Director of the year 2022 and The Clios Director of the year 2022, in addition to being named one of the 50 Best Creative Minds in the last 25 years by Creativity Magazine. AFM also teamed up with the award-winning Dallas, Texas based advertising agency, LERMA to concept and produce the ad.

"We didn't hold back with this year's spot and went all in with the impulse of a brand that is ripe for creative disruption," said Ivonne Kinser, Vice President of Marketing & Innovation. "Avocados From Mexico make everything better, and that message, which is intrinsically hardwired into our strategy, comes through in this spot in a spectacular way, both creatively and cinematographically, under the direction of the 'King of the Big Game', Bryan Buckley."

This year's ad follows eight years of humorous and lighthearted ads that showcase AFM's versatility, delicious taste, and nutritional benefits 1, all reinforcing that Avocados From Mexico #MakeItBetter.

Multisensory 360-Degree Campaign Experience

While AFM would love to reach through the TV and hand fans a perfectly ripe avocado at home, they've come up with the next best thing to support this new ad: an integrated 360-degree marketing campaign, including:

Big Game Guac Showdown Shopper Promotion: AFM's in-store shopper promotion features Deion Sanders and Tracey Edmonds featuring their best guac recipes, and invited shoppers to vote for their favorite by scanning the QR code found on in-store displays. The recipes can be found in the Flavor Lounge within the Big Game digital experience.

Avocado Glow Collection: To celebrate the introduction of the vibrant Avocados From Mexico brand color in partnership with the Pantone Color Institute, the brand created the Avocado Glow Collection, a curated home and kitchen accessories line for Big Game entertaining.

AFM's Sonic DNA: As part of a new multisensory marketing strategy, the brand launched its unique audio identity which serves as a new dimension for AFM, and was created by AFM's sonic partner amp sound branding. AFM's Sonic DNA is not just a jingle or specific song, it's the various audio elements that identify the brand attributes. It can also be used to invoke the joyful and energetic character of the brand throughout different activations. To create AFM's Sonic DNA, the brand's sound partners broke down the audio elements of AFM's famous jingle, including its tones, notes and rifts. The new sound elements will be overlapped in any music that AFM creates moving forward. And, for the first time ever, the brand included Sonic DNA in the Big Game ad.

AFM Goodness Hotel: A digital space that provides consumers with opportunities to experiment and interact with the Avocados From Mexico brand in an interactive way. Activations in the hotel include a digital photo booth, a goodies shop, and a music lab where consumers can be the creators of their own theme using the AFM Sonic DNA ingredients.

These innovations allow consumers to connect with AFM in new ways through sight and sound to experience first-hand how the brand makes everything better.

To learn more about AFM and to find inspiration for the best guac recipes for your Big Game spread, visit


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