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A new study reveals the most Googled dog breeds in America

Woof woof!

The Cane Corso is the most Googled dog breed in the US with 1.32 million monthly searches, coming out on top in 46 states.

The Boxer is second most searched, and the French Bulldog is third.

Americans dedicated over 330 million Google searches to different breeds of dog in the last year alone.

A recent study has revealed America’s most Googled dog breeds, with the Cane Corso crowned the top dog.

Pet wellbeing experts at OurFitPets conducted a comprehensive study to determine America's most searched-for dog breeds using data from the American Kennel Club and Google searches between January 2022 and January 2023. They analyzed the number of searches for more than 280 different breeds of dogs across all 50 states.

The results revealed that the Cane Corso is America's most Googled dog breed and is searched for 1.32 million times on average each month. It was found to be the most searched-for dog breed in 46 out of 50 states, including North Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, Missouri, and South Carolina.

Coming in second is the Boxer, which boasts an average of 867,800 monthly searches across America and holds the top spot in the states of New Jersey and New York. The Boxer was found to be the second most Googled dog breed in three other states; Montana, Oregon, and Wyoming.

The French Bulldog is the third most Googled dog breed in America, with an average of 860,901 monthly searches across the states. This pint-sized pup was the second most searched for breed in 11 states, including Arizona, Florida and Texas.

The Australian Shepherd comes in a close fourth with an average of 860,600 monthly Google searches dedicated to this dog breed. This breed is the second most searched in 21 states including Alabama, Colorado, Nebraska and Tennessee.

The Shiba Inu ranks fifth overall with 767,981 monthly searches dedicated to this ancient breed. The Shiba Inu is the most Googled dog breed in Rhode Island and is the second most Googled dog breed in 11 states, including Washington, Virginia, Pennsylvania, North Dakota, and New Jersey. It’s worth noting that the Shiba Inu breed shares its name with the popular cryptocurrency, so it is unclear how many of these searches were for the Japanese hunting dog.

The larger-than-life Saint Bernard deserves an honorable mention among America’s most Googled breeds. It ranked as the most searched-for breed of dog in California, despite ranking 19th overall with 409,641 searches on average each month.

Top 20 Most Googled Dog Breeds In America


Dog Breed

Monthly Searches

1. Cane Corso 1,321,800

2. Boxer 867,800

3. French Bulldog 860,901

4. Australian Shepherd 860,600

5. Shiba Inu 767,981

6. Golden Retriever 703,701

7. French Spaniel 678,861

8. Rottweiler 632,221

9. Chihuahua 573,100

10. Shih Tzu 564,681

11. Belgian Malinois 523,480

12. Pomeranian 498,171

13. Border Collie 497,280

14. Great Dane 472,661

15. Great Pyrenees 471,061

16. Bernese Mountain Dog 465,560

17. Bulldog 442,750

18. Pug 413,211

19. Saint Bernard 409,641

20. Tibetan Mastiff 381,981

Dog Breed

No.of states where it is most Googled

No. of states where it is 2nd most Googled

Cane Corso




Shiba Inu


Saint Bernard


Commenting on the findings, a spokesperson from OurFitPets said:

“Whether looking to buy or simply browsing cute puppy pictures, it seems that America is obsessed when it comes to our furry friends. So much so, that they dedicated an impressive 330 million searches to dog breeds in the past year alone. That’s the equivalent of every adult in the US searching for dogs at least once a year.

“The Cane Corso was found to be the most searched for breed overall, and ranked top in a staggering 46 states. While some people feel the breed can be dangerous, these Italian mastiffs can make for great companion dogs when they are properly socialized. In fact ‘corso’ actually derives from the Latin word ‘cohors,’ meaning guardian.”

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