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7 Digital Marketing Tips for 2021

Rick and Rachel are the architects behind the current tending HBO film Fake Famous. Rachel also had a starring role, so together, they have led countless viral campaigns that have turned numerous brands in to household names.

Together they came up with seven marketing tips for the new year, many involving technology.

-Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are thankfully here to stay and every consumer brand in America will be developing strategies to define their values for customers

-The rapid acceleration of community leader influencer marketing

-Organic user generated content in place of traditional ads

-Humanization of social issues that empower brands to share values without becoming political

-Continued exponential growth of live video across all major social platforms

-More live video campaigns from market makers like amazon

-Voice search will become a rapidly growing frontier for consumer brands with over 50% of post-millennials utilizing voice search dail

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