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5 ways cameras get damaged

Be careful with your cameras.

Falls and Drops

It happens to the best of us - that heart-stopping moment when your camera slips from your grip and gravity takes over.

The result? Shattered lenses, dented bodies, and a photographer's worst nightmare.

Always wear your safety strap—a single accident can ruin your day. And, of course, make sure you have the proper means to transport and store your gear!

Water and Moisture

Whether shooting in drizzling rain or near a misty waterfall, moisture is a relentless foe for camera equipment.

Water damage can lead to costly repairs or even irreparable issues.

Impact on journey to your event

The journey to your shooting location can be as treacherous as the shoot itself.

Inadequate protection during transportation or storage can result in your camera gear bouncing around like a pinball.

Dust, Sand and Lens Damage

Dust and sand are the nemeses of delicate camera sensors and lenses.

Even a tiny grain of sand can wreak havoc on your equipment.

Look for cases that are dust-proof down to the finest particles, keeping your gear pristine in dusty deserts or gritty urban environments.

Extreme Temps - Both Ways

Whether you're chasing the Northern Lights in freezing cold or capturing the vibrant hues of a desert sunset in scorching heat, extreme temperatures can be brutal on camera gear.


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