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Rucker Roots are natural care products for men and women

The Rucker Family is all natural personal care. Dating back to the early 1980s, the Rucker sisters' mother used vegetables from the family garden along with oils, mayonnaise, eggs, and avocados to mix up kitchen concoctions to include in their hair regimen. This helped the sisters develop an appreciation for natural hair care products, the value of family, and the importance of their heritage and strong roots.

Their creation? Rucker Roots.

We developed a line of grooming products for the inspirational men in our lives. Made to soften and moisturize from head to toe, we continue to serve all hair types with natural ingredients, like Ginger Root Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Vitamin E, and Grapeseed Oil. Because our guys deserve the good stuff, too.

Natural ingredients.

Some of the features offered in Rucker Roots products:

CASTOR SEED OIL Moisturizes and nourishes dry scalp, while protecting hair from loss and promoting growth

SUNFLOWER OIL Moisturizes and soothes dandruff and itchy scalp

BIOTIN Helps to thicken hair and stimulate growth

SESAME OIL Helps scalp stay moisturized while reduces dandruff

For men, pay special attention to the beard oil and the beard, hair and body wash.

For women, there are natural products for all hair types.

Try the shampoo and conditioner, the hair growth serum and the unique curl custard for thick, coily, shrinkage prone hair, this moisturizing curling custard defines and stretches tight curls while preventing breakage, adding shine and reducing frizz. It helps scalp stay moisturized while reduces dandruff.

All affordable and shipped right to your door.

Naturally, and easy decison and makes great gifts.

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