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Track your indoor air quality with the Airthings Wave Mini

In this era of COVID-19, there is nothing more important in our homes than air quality.

Cost-effective smart indoor air quality companion offering users real-time measurements and analysis of their home’s TVOCs, temperature, and humidity - an ideal first step for anyone looking to take control of their indoor air quality.

Airthings is front and center with their new Wave Mini.


· Sensors for TVOCs, humidity, and temperature, giving users a constant real-time glimpse of the air quality inside their homes and achieving optimal comfort and health with the wave of a hand.

· Budget-friendly cost and small size allows users to purchase multiple Wave Mini units to simultaneously track and view the indoor air quality of multiple rooms in their homes, schools, or offices, making it a small product with a big impact.

· Bluetooth technology supports both on-the-go and at-home-use with the free mobile app, Airthings Dashboard, and Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and IFTTT compatibilities, offering seamless integration into an existing smart home system.

· Email and mobile notifications available for users to be notified of dangerous air quality conditions and tips on how to reduce poor air quality.


Low power consumption and long battery life enables consistent indoor air quality tracking for up to two



Sensors Mold risk, airborne chemicals (VOCs), temperature and humidity

Visual indicator Simply wave in front of the device for an indication of the air quality, green— good, yellow— fair and red— poor

Battery operated Three AA batteries are included with a 2-year lifetime


-Create custom alerts or integrate with other smart home products with Google Assistant and IFTTT

-App is compatible with Android, iOS and the Airthings online dashboard.

All for just $79

Might just be the best $79 you spend this holiday season.

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