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Glow by Daye Adjustable Shower Cap

For those with a lot of hair the Glow by Daye cap is a generating a buzz. The cap is waterproof, satin lined and its extra large size fits a variety of hairstyles due to the adjustable satin perimeter. Whether you have dreads, big hair or switch your styles, this shower cap will fit all of your protective style needs!

The Glow by Daye® "Purple Rain" Satin Lined Shower Cap comes complete with black charmeuse satin lining including along edge perimeter and adjustable drawstring...

Satin Interior- Large, luxurious waterproof shower cap- Designed to keep hair perfectly dry while in shower or bath while protecting your tresses with the smooth glide of satin on the interior of the cap

Adjustable - Including drawstring, Allows for the comfortable fit around the head and versatile hairstyles. The perfect option for those with voluminous, thicker, or longer hair including natural hair, rollers, Flexi rods, braids, locs, etc.

Reversible- Designed for the satin to be gentle on hair underneath yet still protecting against moisture and humidity to hair. It can easily be reversed to be used at a conditioning cap to hold in moisture during treatments or using with wet/damp hair.

Double Layered - Created to stand the test of time with 2 layers of durable, high-grade material, one side satin, reverse side, comfortable waterproof PVC material

Protected with a "Glow Guarantee" and 1-year warranty.

Note: Hand washable only. Spot clean when necessary.

Invest in your hair maintenance today with the Glow by Daye Satin Lined Large Luxury Shower Cap. Our uniquely designed shower caps are lined with charmeuse satin on the interior while providing you without a comfortable PVC waterproof exterior to protect your hair from moisture when needed yet gentle to your hair while doing it. Protection of your hair can be crucial to your success in reaching your hair goals, especially length retention.

The Glow by Daye Satin Lined Shower Cap measures more than 23" circumference! Perfect for those with natural hair, curly hair, braids, box braids, locs, very long hair, extensions, large, thicker hair and the list goes on and on.

The cap has an elastic band around the perimeter which allows it to fit on almost all head sizes including children.

Get yours here.


Best thing yet!!

I love this shower cap. I have small/medium knotless braids and I could never find a shower cap big enough to fit them. That was until I found this company! I don’t have to worry about my braids or my bonnet getting wet in the shower anymore!


I love it! Finally a shower cap that fits and protects my hair the way it should. Much better than my previous cap

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