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Now is the time for a 360 Dash Cam

Here in the USA, not so much, but around the world dash cams have been popular for over a decade. So it's about time to add a dash cam as an accessory for our vehicles.

The 360 Super High Resolution, dash cam will replay that key moment while driving at high or low speeds

. With Enhanced Color Night Vision, the G300H allows you to see video in full color at night rather than traditional black and white. Use the 160° Super Wide Angle feature. This dash cam recorder employs a 160° Super Wide angle lens. Super wide field of view reduces the blind spots and captures more details, to reserve the real scene. It comes with oop recording, meaning the oldest video will be replaced by newest video when memory cards is full.With G-sensor, 360 G300H dash cam can detect a sudden shake/collisions and look the video to prevent the video from being overwritten in loop recording. Important clips can be truly restored.

I love the 24 hour parking monitor. When G300H detects a shock or vibration under power-off situation, It automatically starts recording and provides you with security every moment.

The 360 is easy to set up and doesn't impede sightlines while driving. Use the dedicated app. Built-in GPS module automatically records speed, location, driving route when the camera is powered on.And you could read all these GPS information in 360 Dash Cam App. All for a price under $70.

Some specs:

Night Vision: Yes Connectivity Technology: Wireless Display & Graphics Screen Size: 2" Field of View: 160 Video Maximum Video Resolution: 2304 x 1296 Miscellaneous Additional Information: HD Camera WiFi and App Build-in GPS and Google Map 160 Wide Angle HD Night Vision Integrated Design G Sensor Loop Recording G-Sensor: Yes Loop-Cycle Recording: Yes

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