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Most unique gadget of 2020 is Draft Top

I bet you thought your fav canned beverage couldn’t get any better, along comes what I'm calling the "most unique gadget of 2020." It's Draft Top! This amazing pocket-sized gift is great for the cold brew lover who wants to add whip cream, the beer or Diet Coke drinker who wants to add a lemon or lime slice and more! Draft Top is also now partnering with NASCAR.

Draft Top has arrived on the barware scene to transform your every can into the perfect cup. It also gives new meaning to the words, "drinking topless." With the easy to use Draft Top, you’ll be ready to enjoy sips from an ultra-smooth rim, with your favorite beverage add-ins, an aromatic garnish, and the race in seconds flat. A pocket-sized device perfect for wet bars, tailgating parties, and NASCAR as the sponsor of the Draft Top 250 at the Martinsville Speedway that was on October 31.

How it works:

Your Draft Top uses 4 rotating blades. The blades sit inside the rim of a can and use pressure to split and fold the lid as it turns. It takes approximately 1/2 turn for it to complete the separation.

Does it work on all cans?

The Draft Top was specifically designed for most 8-16oz aluminum beverage cans and some 19oz cans with standard tops. It does not work on crowlers, 24oz tallboys, 8oz Redbull, the Sam Can or soup cans. There are certain regions of the world that produce different can lids and some are not compatible with this tool. The can diameters that fit are 52mm to 57mm.


• Transforms aluminum beverage cans into cups in an instant!

• Leaves the edge incredibly smooth

• Makes it easy to add fun garnishes

• Whip up mixed drinks without dirtying a cup

• Releases the full aroma of your beverage

• Easy to use anywhere

• Compact enough to fit in a pocket or pack

• AmeriCAN made! $24.99 - See more at

The Draft Top is designed to fold the lip reducing the risk of any sharp edges. If the Draft Top is not used properly it could result in sharp edges or small metal shavings (see product warning for more details) .

It's easy to use as the blades are designed to split the metal with pressure.

It's so unique, remember a topless can is a perfect way to unlock the aroma inside!

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