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United States of Camo giving back for Veteran's Day

Just like the branches of the U.S. Military have missions they set out to accomplish each day, the mission at United States of Camo is to bring awareness to the mental health issues that plague our Veterans and to raise money to help them get the support they deserve. They are even going over and above for Veteran's Day.

Their current mission: We create fashionable streetwear that gives back to our Veterans, with 10% of our sales going directly to Vets.

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How Our Products Were Born

I always loved camouflage. I always had a camo purse, camo backpack, camo leggings… you name it. Maybe it’s because the military is in my bones. When I got the idea to create streetwear with a purpose, I knew it had to be in camo!

My father, an Air Force Colonel, is a great inspiration for this project and my desire to support Veterans. His style is an inspiration too! My dad always wore a hat and grew up in the generation where all men did. Our United States of Camo trucker hats bring a contemporary twist to the classic men’s hat.

You’ll also find stylish golf wear in our shop, which is a nod to golf’s role as one of the most popular sports on military bases. An avid golfer myself, I also had a desire to provide stylish golf wear options for the modern golfer.

Remember most military bases have golf courses on them and that golf is one of the most popular sports there. Well, Kimberly Smith Spacek, an avid golfer, a daughter of a 30-year Air Force Colonel and niece of a Tuskegee airman has launched a new line of hats (with tees and polos to come) that features the camo print of all 50 states called the United States of Camo and her first style is a hat that features the silhouette of golf tees on the side.

Get a deal on a great looking cap and help a worthy cause.

10% of all sales will be donated to a Veterans mental health services organization.

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