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A clean sweep with the Raycop Go portable vacuum

Taking cleanliness with your! Raycop Go, the industry’s first portable UVC vacuum, is an easy-to-use, go-anywhere, sanitize anything, portable vacuum and UVC appliance. According to the MMGY Travel Intelligence Team, 42% of U.S. business and leisure travelers are likely to take a domestic leisure trip in the next six months. The Raycop Go is designed to enhance traveler safety during and after the COVID pandemic with safe and effective UVC light technology.

Raycop's new Raycop Go cordless portable vacuum uses the same UVC technology that hospitals do to eradicate 99.99% of viruses, bacteria and dust mites from fabrics and floors in every corner of the room or recreational vehicle.

The key here is out of the box, this is easy to use. Easy to assemble and disassemble with snap-in sections for portability, the Raycop Go is perfect to bring along on vacation or business travel for use in RV’s, hotel rooms, mobile homes, trains, planes, boats, offices, dorm rooms and vacation rentals. Raycop Go can sanitize everything from cell phones to luggage, bedding and hard surfaces. Patented RayClean Technology® was developed by a medical doctor to improve the quality of life for allergy sufferers without the use of medication.

The entire filtration system, including the HEPA filter, is washable. It collects and traps fine dust - keeping those allergens out of the air. It even picks up the tiniest particules that you can't even see!

From car to carpet to curtains, the Go is ready to go!

The Go weighs less than two lbs and will run for over 30 minutes, so you you can vacuum inside and out.

$149 is a small price to pay for a vacuum this small and as powerful as it is. There is no sacrificing when it comes to quality. Raycop vacuums are engineered to a high standard that they call AllergenLock which keeps allergens in, not recirculating throughout your home.

Order here.

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