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Looking for a job, work or networking opportunities? Try Magma

Even before the COVID recession, it was never enough to just have a resume. Studies show that candidates with online portfolios that showcase their talents are noticed a lot more. But the time and cost of learning how to put together a high-quality website or portfolio often deters applicants.

What options are available for job seekers and freelancers who want to design an online portfolio quickly and inexpensively, without compromising on quality?

Magma, the first-of-its-kind tool that allows you to design your very own professional, digital e-magazines right from your phone - ones that rival even the most professional-looking glossies today.

Founded by marketing professionals from Red Bull, GoPro, and Open Influence, Magma is an ideal tool for job seekers - free to use (no one-week trial or credit card required) and pre-loaded with gorgeous templates that will impress any employer. With Magma, applicants can finally create a real portfolio WITHOUT using a computer or spending weeks learning professional software.

Jake Warner is the Magma CEO and Co-Founder.


· Low Barrier to Entry: Many creators agree how frustrating it is to learn, let alone master, professional publishing platforms like Adobe Creative. Magma allows a low barrier to entry for bloggers and brands alike, giving them the tools and templates to create professional-level publications solely with a mobile device.

· Be Published Within Minutes: Magma’s e-magazines (called “Mags”) earn rankings on Google and can be shared with those not on the Magma platform, allowing users to easily compete with top trending stories.

Once a Mag is published, it’s given a unique URL that allows it to be consumed easily in any web browser and indexed with any search engine.

Content is More Mobile than Ever: In an age where 500 million blogs exist and over 90 percent of social creation is mobile-based, a tool like Magma is needed more than ever - one that offers a perfect blend of both web and social publishing.

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