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ColdSnap makes single servings of your favorite frozen treats

Sigma Phase, Corp. announced this week that the ColdSnap™ rapid freezing appliance that produces personalized single servings of premium ice cream, frozen yogurt, frozen cocktails, smoothies, and frozen coffee in 60-120 seconds. ColdSnap is a Keurig/Nespresso-style machine, but for ice cream and other frozen confections. With ColdSnap, everyone can now have delicious frozen confections in individualized servings, prepared on-the-spot, and free of messy preparation and cleanup. The ColdSnap machine uses its patented refrigeration technology to rapidly freeze shelf-stable food and beverage formulations in single-serve recyclable ColdSnap Pods that do not require refrigeration or preparation.

Frozen Treats from Pods The patented ColdSnap system transforms the way frozen treats are produced and enjoyed. No plumbing, no set up, no preparation, no cartridges, no filters, and no cleaning is required of the ColdSnap system. To set up, simply place the ColdSnap machine on a countertop (the machine fits under a traditional kitchen cabinet); plug the system into a kitchen electric socket; insert the desired ColdSnap Pod; and follow the on-screen instructions. In under two minutes, you can enjoy delicious ice cream at home or work for a great pick-me-up.

ColdSnap’s cutting-edge freezing technology creates micro-sized ice crystals that are 40% smaller than store-bought products, guaranteeing ColdSnap’s amazing taste and the smoothest texture possible.

“ColdSnap ice cream is creamy with a smoother mouth-feel than ice cream that undertakes a deep freeze that is required when shipping in refrigerated trucks and kept frozen in the grocery store,” said Matt Fonte, President, Sigma Phase, Corp. “Frozen yogurt made with the ColdSnap machine has a dense, velvety texture, and frozen cocktails (including Margaritas, Pina Coladas, Daiquiris, and Mud Slides) have a silky smooth consistency that is virtually impossible to replicate in any home or bar. In short, ColdSnap makes a smoother, better tasting product.”

Ideal for Home & Commercial Use

For the home, the ColdSnap system is perfect for better-tasting, fresher, frozen desserts and beverages, with individual selections to fit everyone’s taste. ColdSnap Pods are great for an everyday treat, family fun, parties, or special events – without the advance preparation or hard-to-clean mess of traditional ice cream makers and blenders. The ColdSnap system is also ideal for offices, cafeterias, gyms and spas, car dealerships, and other service providers as a one-of-a-kind benefit for businesses that want to encourage and reward employees or customers. In addition, convenience stores, and other commercial settings, such as airports and hotels, can place a ColdSnap machine to generate revenue and profit through the continuous sale of ColdSnap Pods without having to worry about keeping the Pods frozen (they are shelf stable at room temperature) and without the daily clean-up required of contemporary frozen confection and beverage machines. The ColdSnap system provides higher margins since the machine doesn’t have to be plumbed for installation, cleaned after use, and the Pods do not require refrigeration. Pod Technology ColdSnap Pods are shelf-stable and can be shipped at ambient temperature. As a result, the ColdSnap system is independent of the expensive, unreliable, and environmentally unfriendly cold chain that is used to bring factory-frozen ice cream and other frozen products to market. ColdSnap has potential to grow in the already massive global ice cream market, including geographies where the cold chain is weak and unreliable.

Revolutionizes Direct-To-Consumer Ice Cream Opportunities while Reducing Carbon Emissions ColdSnap revolutionizes the direct-to-consumer ice cream experience. Through the ColdSnap system, ice cream can now be shipped direct-to-consumer both to homes and offices without the use of dry ice or cold storage, reducing the costs traditionally associated with shipping frozen ice cream. Additionally, ColdSnap does not require environmentally-unfriendly refrigeration systems of factory-frozen ice cream, and therefore, will reduce carbon emissions associated with making and distributing ice cream by 25% to 50%. ColdSnap Pods are recyclable, made from infinitely recyclable Aluminum. Use Anywhere ColdSnap is made robustly for commercial use. The ColdSnap system produces multiple consecutive frozen confections without requiring a time-consuming re-cooling phase. The machine accepts shelf-stable, ambient temperature ColdSnap Pods, then repeatably freezes and dispenses the contents of the Pods.

ColdSnap Features:

Makes single servings of frozen confections: ice cream, frozen cocktails, smoothies, frozen yogurt, frozen coffee, frozen healthy shakes, and slushies.

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