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MP Magic Merino Socks on Indiegogo now

This is a story one year in the making, with just days remaining to get onboard. One year ago the first generation of MP Merino wool socks was launched and sold to over 160 countries. Feedback from customers and media was incredible. And now we're happy to announce our new socks:

70% Merino wool+37.5 technology+MP special yarn+Lycra= MP Magic 37.5 Tech Merino Wool Socks!

The wool comes from the Merino sheep in Australia, known as the finest wool in the world. It wicks off sweat and balances your temperature naturally. Why 70%? With 37.5 technology blended, it is the highest Merino wool ratio that can not only ensure warmth and comfort but also ensure the durability of socks.


Naturetexx® Plasma technology is in place to make sure our merino wool socks are exceptionally easy to care for.They’re happy in a regular cold wash and they won’t shrink.


The magic number is 37.5.

You might recognize that as the ideal body temperature for humans, 37.5ºC. It’s also the ideal relative humidity of the microclimate next to our skin.

37.5 technology can regulate the temperature of your feet stay at 37.5ºC. When you feel cold, Magic Socks will warm you up. When you’re hot, they’ll cool you down, keeping your body in ideal condition.

That Smell

The socks also feature an MP special yarn for odor control. This is achieved thanks to the presence of 3 metals in the yarn: Silver, Copper and Zinc.

Together, this trio reduces the bacteria that can cause foot odors. We’re careful to infuse all three within the fabric of the socks, so no matter how many times you wash your socks, these odor-killing elements will remain active.


MP Magic 37.5 tech Merino wool socks reduce impact and pressure during intense training sessions, so you get more wear out of your socks. Reinforced knitting on the heel strengthens the wear resistance and burst resistance function.

Get in with the 3 pair "early bird" for $48.

Great socks that offer comfort and a while lot more.

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