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More scares from AtmosFX for Halloween 2020

Halloween is a favorite holiday for many, thanks to products like AtmosFX.

AtmosFX creates decorations that inspire and empower people to decorate in bold, creative ways; sharing in the many magical celebrations in life.

No need to re-think your Halloween decor strategy this year, but with a pandemic, we are all in the mood for something a little different.

Welcome to the future, where your entire Halloween decor situation can be made super simple — and absolutely frightening — with holographic projectors. They're the easy way to create lifelike, moving, 3D Halloween animations that will terrify everyone who passes your house.

Using just a small projector, AtmosFX Halloween-themed video animations, and a large piece of semitranslucent material like a mosquito net, you can project life-size animated skeletons, spine-chilling ghosts, cute-but-creepy jack-'o-lanterns, and countless other spooky characters right onto your house. Almost too real for comfort, you'll love them, and yeah, your neighbors will probably be frightened by them. So, while we're never letting go of our witchy broomsticks, Hocus Pocus candles, or even candy corn trees – these Halloween projectors will make sure everyone on your block is feeling the same spooky spirit as you. Ahead, get the low down on a few of the projectors available this year, and the best holographic packages by AtmosFX.

Digital Decorations

Through the use of beautifully animated characters, stories, visual effects, and atmospherics, AtmosFX Digital Decorations are an ingenious – and easy – way to decorate anywhere, any time of year. Endlessly versatile and entertaining, AtmosFX offers a variety of innovative, Hollywood-quality decorations that can be viewed on any TV or monitor, and projected on surfaces such as windows, walls – even thin air!

As always, there are new decorations.

And some tried and true favorites.

I've brough AtmosFX on my TV segments many times for different holidays. It remains one of my favorite tech innovations.

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