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Become a 'Pumpkin Master' with this 12 piece carving kit

Become a "carving master" with the Pumpkin Masters All-in-One Pumpkin Carving Kit.

Pumpkin Masters® All in One kit features large handled tools that safely saw through the pumpkin with precision. Comes with 8 patterns and a range of difficulty levels so there is something for everyone to carve.

A great kit to introduce kids to carving.

The "big scopp" does a great job with minimal effort.

From simple to more detailed designs, this is an affordable and perfect starter set.

I saw it available at Walgreens.

Pumpkin Masters® is the creator of the world’s first pumpkin carving kit – making it fun and easy to create simple, as well as intricate, pumpkin designs. Since their introduction, the Pumpkin Masters® carving and decorating kits have reshaped the way millions of Americans celebrate Halloween.

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