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These eco-friendly straws are plant based

Paper straws may be good for the environment, but they are easy to use to drink.

Greenprint straws made of agave are not only eco-friendly, but also serve a purpose.

They are USDA certified, FDA approved straws, as well as certified to degrade due to organic enhanced degradation additives. The additive's functionality is guaranteed to work, accelerating the products degradation. All agave based products are certified to degrade within 1-5 years in aerobic and anaerobic conditions.

The degradation functionality has been tested according to ASTM D5511 (representing biologically active landfills) with trial durations ranging from 1 to 12 months.


8.30” TALL – Our tall straws are perfect for cocktails, juices, sodas, and most light beverages.

21 cm Natural Agave Fiber Drinking Straws - 100% Biodegradable, Eco and Friendly, Pack of 50 Pieces 210 mm Long 6 mm Diameter

Non-Toxic, Disposable, Compostable

Perfect for Cocktails, kids Parties, Drinks - Better Alternative to Plastic, Stainless-Steel, Silicone, & Glass Straws. Be the center of attention your guest would love them, explain them and talk about this awsome straw.

100% NATURAL - Mexican Agave drinking straws are made from natural Agave (Mexican Tequila Plant), making them one of the most sustainable, environmentally and friendly drinking straws available today.

Given that they're disposable, it's great to know they are fully biodegradable FOOD SAFE - made from nothing other than Agave Fiber

BETTER FOR THE ENVIRONMENT - Plastic ending up on landfill and polluting our rivers, seas and oceans is becoming a major problem for the world. Turn away from plastic and make your contribution towards saving the planet today!

These straws actually act as straws and wont break on your lips. Worth a try!

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