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Crosley C6: Clear, 'nothing like vinyl sound'

Albums or "vinyl" as music lovers call them are back and your household needs a turntable, because this is more than a fad.

The Crosley C6 is the one turntable you need!

You can get the Crosley C6 turntable from Amazon for about $140.


This turntable uses audio grade MDF plinth and a low vibration motor to create a clearer sound.

BELT-DRIVEN TURNTABLE: This Crosley turntable features a belt-driven mechanism w/ a manual return tonearm & adjustable counterweight

2 SPEED TURNTABLE: Easily adjust your Crosley turntable between 33 & 45 rpm records for best quality

REAL VINYL EXPERIENCE: Customize your listening experience by utilizing the replaceable moving magnet phono cartride feature on this Crosley turntable

SPEAKER READY: Connect this Crosley turntable to a speaker, flip on the built-in pre-amp & play some record music

Crosly lets you play your vinyl with confidence. The C6 comes with a moving magnet cartridge preinstalled, but uses a standard mount so you can upgrade as your vinyl collection grows. Connect speakers or your receiver to the RCA outputs on the back, flip on the built-in preamp (or use your own) and you're ready to rock!

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