Sling debuts innovative 'Watch Party'

SLING TV debuted a new co-watching feature in beta, SLING Watch Party, which enables customers to watch their favorite live programming with up to three other people while interacting in real-time via video and text chat — a first for the live TV industry. It's like being with your entire squad!

"We know that for so many, it's not just about what you are watching, it's who you are watching with. SLING Watch Party is all about bringing people together to share in the moments that matter," said Jon Lin, vice president of Product, SLING TV. "We could all use more time together to enjoy our favorite sports and entertainment, which is why we created this amazing new feature."

How it works:

Availability: Currently available to existing SLING TV customers on Google Chrome web browsers via laptop and desktop computers; through a special beta preview, guests may join a SLING Watch Party simply by creating a free SLING TV account (through 9/30).

Programming: Choose from live or on-demand content in SLING Orange, SLING Blue, SLING Latino and SLING International services, or any SLING TV Extra (chosen content must be a part of the customer’s current subscription).

Video and text chat: Connect in real-time with other SLING Watch Party guests while viewing a program, via video or text chat.

Audio and visual controls: All participants have full control over their own video camera, the volume of their individual content stream and volume of video chat streams received from other participants.

Player controls: Slingers hosting a Watch Party can manage player controls, including play, pause and rewind for on-demand programming.

How to host a SLING Watch Party

—Sign in on via Google Chrome web browser. —Select any eligible live or on-demand title[1] from a SLING TV ribbon; a Watch Party may be created up to 60 minutes prior to air time, for live programs. —Click "Create Watch Party" from the title's information screen. —Invite up to three additional guests to join the SLING Watch Party via a unique, shareable link or email. —Click "Start Watching" when the selected title is scheduled to begin.

Through a special beta preview of SLING Watch Party ending September 30, 2020, invited guests may attend a Watch Party simply by creating a SLING TV account.

To learn more about the new SLING Watch Party beta feature, visit