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Quiet Spaces called 'Nooks' offered inside Allegiant Stadium

There is typically nothing quiet about Las Vegas. From the time visitors arrive they are subjected to lights, sounds and crowds throughout the city.

It's a similar feeling at NFL games.

But inside the new Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, there are a couple places fans can go to get relief from the noise and crowds.

There will be a pair of movable “sensory nooks” inside the Ford north entry gate at the 65,000-seat stadium will allow introverts or individuals on the autism spectrum to escape from the crowds and have some time to compose themselves when they want to "get away."

Created by Nook, the pods are equipped with vibrating seats aimed at relieving tension and anxiety, fiber-optic walls for emotional security and LED-lighting panels that can help change an individual’s mood.

“To support such a world-famous brand as the Raiders in its pursuit of mental health inclusivity is a tremendous honor,” Nook founder David O’Coimin said in a statement.

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Similar ideas have been embraced at other event centers, with T-Mobile Arena, for instance, offering event attendees sensory bags that feature noise-reduction headphones and fidget toys for those with sensory disabilities.

Allegiant Stadium will be one of the first in the NFL to have sensory rooms, although the Philadelphia Eagles, the Seattle Seahawks and Minnesota Vikings all have done something similar.

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