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'Hungriest Player' to once again get Snickers Chain

For the second consecutive year, and just in time to bring satisfaction to National Football League (NFL) fans, Mars Wrigley announces the return of the SNICKERS 'Hungriest Player' program.

Every week, SNICKERS will award the amped-up new edition of the bigger, better and more iced-out SNICKERS chain to the NFL player who demonstrated a momentous hunger for the game.

2019 marked the inaugural year of the wildly popular program led by one of Mars Wrigley's fan favorite brands, SNICKERS. Each week, the league's 'Hungriest Players' were awarded the SNICKERS Chain for demonstrating exceptional performances or plays on the field.

At the end of the NFL season, SNICKERS will enlist fans to help select the 'Hungriest Player of the Year.'

And to further Mars' $20M commitment to communities in response to COVID-19, proceeds from the sale of the chain will be donated to benefit heroes on the frontlines, including nurses and other essential workers.

"As one of the world's biggest brands, it's only right that we should be rewarding the biggest and best plays in the NFL each week, which is why we're delighted to bring back the SNICKERS 'Hungriest Player' program for the second year," said Josh Olken, Brand Director, SNICKERS. "SNICKERS has always embodied satisfaction, and there's nothing like the satisfaction that comes from showing how hungry you are to win during the big game and treating fans every week to the best moments in sports."

The second installment of the SNICKERS chain is once again hand-crafted by renowned jeweler, Ben Baller, featuring more than 31 carats of 2,374 brilliant-cut diamonds, blue sapphires and red rubies highlighting the word "HUNGRY" and the iconic "S" from the SNICKERS brand logo.

"When SNICKERS hit me up to design the chain for the second time, I didn't hesitate," said Baller. "I know the players loved the SNICKERS chain last year, so we really wanted to step it up to reward those who are showing hunger on the field this year. This SNICKERS chain will again serve as the ultimate reward for the players that are showing that hustle and grind each week."

SNICKERS has enlisted NFL Hall of Famer Ed Reed – who personified the hunger for more that the SNICKERS chain represents during his career – to name the first 'Hungriest Player' of the week following next week's games.

"It's an honor to partner with SNICKERS to launch the second year of the 'Hungriest Player' program," said Reed. "Everyone knows the hunger I had on the field each week, and I could see the chain fitting very well on my mantelpiece. The SNICKERS chain was certainly a hot topic last season and I can't wait to see who's hungry enough to get to wear it each week."

Although game day will look different this season, SNICKERS is ensuring satisfaction by offering fans the chance to win exclusive rewards throughout the season by following @SNICKERS and #SNICKERSchain on social media.

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