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DropLabs allows you to experience video games, music and movies through your shoes

DropLabs, the first sonic-sensory footwear designed to transform the way people experience digital entertainment, today announced the release of its Triple Black Edition, an update to its original EP 01 sneaker. The latest product boasts an all-black exterior, but the real magic is on the inside. DropLabs patented technology, embedded in the midsole of the shoe, delivers audio, in stereo, from any connected device to your feet, creating full-body bass audio which simulates the energy of a live event and immerses you in music, movies, gaming, VR and more.

DropLabs's original release, the EP 01 Classic, sold out quickly and followers have been eagerly awaiting this newest drop. Both the new EP 01 Triple Black and the Classic editions contain numerous system upgrades including dynamic tuning settings designed specifically for gaming, music and movies. The app upgrade includes an in-app LED color wheel to adjust the hue of the lights embedded within the sneaker and some surprises in the form of "easter eggs."

DropLabs CEO Susan Paley, who has made a career out of bringing innovative products to market for the likes of industry leaders like Beats by Dre and Harman International, said, "The embedded software platform allows us to continue to refine the experience and provide more unique customization at the individual level. We've developed a proprietary technology that we have integrated into the midsole of the sneaker that converts audio signals into vibrations. When these vibrations are delivered through your feet and synchronized with what you hear in your ears, it is a completely transformative experience for digital entertainment. Although initially envisioned to recreate the energy of live music, adding this immersion layer to gaming, movies and VR is next level."

As many outlets for live entertainment are on hiatus and time spent gaming is increasing exponentially, the market has never been more ready for a product that bridges the gap between live and at-home entertainment by providing highly immersive experiences that feel real.

Footwear specs:

Compatible with all Bluetooth headphones using - Class 1 Bluetooth® 4.2 Compatible with iPhone (iOS 11 and later) and Android phones (Android 6 and later) Up to 6 hours of battery life Optional Low-Latency cable for gaming and music recording applications Safe-detach Magnetic Charge Connectors Water Resistant One-Year Limited Warranty

The new DropLabs EP 01 are available for order on DropLabs website, and currently retail for $299.00.

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