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Gamers Outreach and Softgiving believe in providing video games to hospitalized children

Campaign has kicked off!

Gamers Outreach, an organization that provides recreation to kids in hospitals through video games, is partnering with charity fundraising platform Softgiving on a campaign to provide entertainment to families receiving care.

The two organizations are teaming with Fade 2 Karma (F2K), whose streamers are role models for hundreds of thousands of people around the world while also providing a fun land engiging earning environment. The fundraising event, which begins Thursday, August 20, will continue through early September and will allow Gamers Outreach to expand their mission of helping provide entertainment to hospitalized children.

To this date, Gamers Outreach programs support an estimated 1.5 - 2 million play sessions for kids in hospitals each year. With a presence in more than 200 healthcare facilities, the organization is most known for their portable video game kiosks, Gamers Outreach Karts (“GO Karts”), which help ensure video game content is accessible inside hospitals. Donations help provide content, hardware and service so kids can focus on being kids while undergoing treatment.

It's about gaming and kids!

“Softgiving has always focused on engaging the gaming community to help nonprofits raise funds in creative and innovative ways,” said Softgiving Founder and CEO Matt Pfaltzgraf. “We know gaming brings communities together — so with this partnership, we will be able to help Gamers Outreach continue to help aid the healing process through video games. The streaming community has already proven how passionate they are about helping children, so we look forward to using our technology and partnership to positively impact this cause.”

“Requests from hospitals for Gamers Outreach programs have been growing, and our team has been reliant on support from organizations like F2K and Softgiving to help answer requests,” said Gamers Outreach Founder Zach Wigal. “Softgiving provides a fresh take on fundraising, and it's been clear from our experience they want to make a positive impact on the world. We're excited to work with them and F2K to help make video games readily available in hospitals.”

“Video games can help people bridge dark times, whether it’s grief, the aftermath of a horrible event, or a period of sickness,” said F2K CEO Tim Bergmann. “I know this both from personal experience, and from the experiences of people close to me. But we also know that gaming brings moments of joy, light and hope — so it is especially meaningful that F2K can support Gamers Outreach to help make hospitals a brighter place for children.”

With a 0% platform fee, Softgiving allows non-profits to maximize online fundraising. To support Gamers Outreach, Softgiving is providing it’s acclaimed technology platform. They will also collaborate to help source and activate influencers to conduct live charity streams on their behalf, and will provide training and best practices for participating fundraisers that will help them implement impactful charity streams.

Atlanta -headquartered, Softgiving makes it easy for influencers to fundraise for their favorite causes in a fast, convenient, lifestyle-based way. As the first charity streaming platform with a 0% Platform Fee, Softgiving is committed to raising more money for more nonprofits to make an even greater global impact. For more information, visit and follow the company on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Gamers Outreach is a 501(c)(3) is about giving back and a charity that empowers hospitalized children through play. The organization provides families with access to entertainment and recreation while they receive care. Hospitalization can often be a lonely, isolating, and scary experience, especially for young people. Gamers Outreach eases those burdens with equipment and software, making video games available and easy to manage. More information can be found at

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