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Cooling facemasks now available

New cooling facemasks available from a children's clothing company.

Sea To Me, a children's clothing line based in Los Angeles, has launched a line of innovative face coverings leveraging patented Coolcore® cooling fabric named Seas Cooling Face Covers. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and the ever increasing need for face coverings while out in public, the fashion line leveraged their heritage of using innovative fabrics to create a line of face coverings designed for optimal coolness, comfort, style and ease-of-use for any type of experience.

Seas Cooling Face Cover Key Features:

Looser fitting around the nose and mouth and longer for easier breathing.

Soft, stretchy ear loops

Easy to always have on you: down around your neck for fashionable, unisex scarf- easily pull up when needed

Featherweight- hardly know it's there

UV protection for face and neck

Cool no matter how you wear it, but icy cool when wetting it before putting it on (acts as a cooling towel for face). It won't feel wet to the touch and it won't soak shirt or blouse.

Made in Los Angeles

The patented Coolcore® cooling fabric:

First U.S. company to receive the Innovative Technology recognition from the world-renowned Hohenstein

Institute (see Lab Test Results)

Superior cooling power

Fastest drying

Least wet cling

Winner of ITMA's Future Materials Best Innovation- Sports and Outdoor Apparel Award

Mechanically engineered to quickly distribute moisture throughout the fabric and to regulate evaporation while cooling you in the process

Wicks moisture away from your skin- keeps you dry

Evaporative cooling effect reduces the fabric's surface temperature up to 30°F below skin temperature Chemical-free

Durable- built to withstand a large number of washings

Year-round thermoregulation fabric- keeps you cool in the summer and dry and warm in the winter

Four Style Options:


More fitted, sleeker look Ideal for children and adults with a smaller face Relaxed-fit: Even more breathing room in front of face offered by contoured front seam design Looser fit around the ears 2" longer from top to bottom Filter option available Relaxed-fit Deluxe: Relaxed-fit style with a few additions Sewn-in pocket for replaceable PM2.5 carbon filter for added protection Flexible nose bridge strips for custom-fit Removable hook and loop head straps for adjustable fit


Traditional short mask design (from nose to chin, no extra fabric for cooling neck and upper chest); filter option available Contoured front seam design provides added breathing room compared to other traditional masks, but not as much breathing room as longer face cover styles described above Available in same cooling fabrics

Pricing and Availability:

Depending on style and fabric choice, the face coverings range from $13 to $25. Additional accessories include filters, nose bridge strips and hook and loop headstraps. All styles and accessories can be purchased at For more information, please visit us on Instagram at @coolingfacecovers and on Facebook at

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