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'Straighten Up' with the Stacey Posture Strap

Fact: The better your posture.. the better balance you have when performing, sitting, walking and creating all movement.

Get immediate improvements to your posture with the Posture Strap in conjunction with the courses to rapidly improve your range of motion and overall posture.

Easy to use!

You can work out with the Posture Strap or use it for daily living. Feel the difference from the moment you put it on.

You will notice an instant bust lift, shoulder correction and upper body flow. Good posture is highest starting point to live or perform from. It also allows you to breathe deeper and take in more oxygen which increases energy. Balance will also improve because center of gravity is in alignment.

Wear it for sitting, standing and moving.

From Stacey: It's extremely important to have good posture so that energy can flow fully and freely. In Yoga, it's referred to as your "back body." This will also create better balance, enhance sports performance and can help conserve energy.

This is the body language of confidence.

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