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For just $30, UVsoap is sanitizer that works anywhere

Having access to hand sanitizer or a sanitizer in general is crucial in these times.

Wearing gloves everyday is impractical and carry a hand sanitizer bottle everywhere is a hassle. UVsoap makes sure that doorknobs, payment terminals, faucets, and the places people touch frequently are clean after each use.

Enter UVsoap.

It will:

Sanitize a doorknob Clean a water faucet Disinfect any surface

Easy to install and operate, nice packaging and works!


Works on Auto or Manual

UVsoap senses the presence of a user, and after the user leaves, UVsoap turns on and cleans the target surface automatically.

UVC Iluminators

Wide angle UVC coverage that cleans a large surface area. Multiple UVsoaps can be placed together to form a web of sanitizing for different surfaces.


Three AA batteries enables UVsoap placement in many places without the need of a wire cord. The regulated UVC treatment ensures a long operation time.

Safety Sensor

Deactive the UVC in the presence of a user. This ensures that the UVC will not be exposed to a user. The sensor activates the UVC after each use.

Suction Cup

Easy installation on a variety of surfaces. A versatile cleaning machine that fits in various situations where we need UVsoap the most.

Easy to take with you and works everytime.

Stop germs from turning the world upside down with simple preventative measures. Disinfect any commonly used surfaces wit UVsoap. It turns on automatically after a surface is used. Each cleaning session renders the surface clean and ready for the next user.

Order and check out a Kickstarter here:

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