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Wireless Wednesday Exclusive: American Wind Week

With wind energy the country’s number one source of renewable electricity, industry trade group CEO Tom Kiernan and winf technician, Neal Gyngard share the latest economic and environmental benefits of American wind farms and factories.

Talking with Rick:

Tom Kiernan, CEO, American Wind Energy Association (AWEA)

Neal Gyngard, 12-year veteran wind technician and founder of Tower Climbing Grease Monkeys

Wind energy is building the future and powering a 21st century clean energy economy for job seekers, rural communities, factory towns, and coastal ports while also supplying the clean electricity used to make a growing number of products Americans use every day. This August 9-15 marks the fourth annual American Wind Week, a national celebration of U.S. leadership in wind energy production. During these challenging times, the American wind workforce is on the frontlines keeping the lights on for families, businesses, healthcare workers, and more. By investing in host communities and creating tens of thousands of well-paying jobs, wind power will also play a key role in our economic recovery and path to meeting ambitious state environmental and sustainability goals. It’s no surprise that wind technician is the country’s second fastest growing job, and a record amount of new wind power capacity is under construction, rapidly growing wind’s contribution to a clean, affordable, reliable U.S. energy mix. On Monday, August 10th, Kiernan will be available for an interview to provide a special American Wind Week update on wind’s economic and environment benefits and information on how to get involved. He will be joined by Neal Gyngard, a 12-year wind industry veteran, who will speak about his hands-on experience as a wind technician building America’s clean energy future.


Job creation: Over 120,000 men and women across all 50 states work in wind and the veterans who serve our country find wind jobs at a rate 67% higher than the average U.S. industry. Rural investment: Nationally, wind farms pay $1.6 billion a year in state and local taxes and landowner lease payments, helping keep farms in the family and preserving a rural way of life. A clean future: Demand from consumers and big brands is driving a U.S. wind power construction boom. Whether you’re grabbing coffee before work, picking up supplies at a hardware store, or searching the internet, you’d be surprised how much of your day is powered by affordable and clean wind energy. Opportunity offshore: Offshore wind is the next frontier for U.S. energy and harnessing it at scale will reliably deliver large amounts of clean energy to America’s biggest population centers while creating tens of thousands of additional jobs.


What is American Wind Week and why are you celebrating? What role does wind energy play in the U.S. economy? Neal, tell us what it is like being a wind technician in the U.S.? Neal, how have you seen the industry change since you first started? Tom, how has the U.S. wind industry adapted to the ongoing pandemic?

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