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AgeMeter could aid in the fight against COVID-19

I saw the AgeMeter via CES 2020.

Where are AgeMeters?

There are AgeMeters in health care practices and research institutions (including Harvard Medical School) in 12 nations on 4 continents to estimate functional age to aid the investigation of therapies that might slow or reverse aging.

In 30 minutes, the AgeMeter provides 15 non-invasive physiological test results. No supervision of the test subject is required. There is also access to the results of all of the subject's previous test sessions.

Given the long delays for Covid-19 test results in some areas,a healthcare professional can immediately evaluate the AgeMeter results to potentially learn whether there might be danger from Covid-19.* See details and links to related studies at

Key AgeMeter features and benefits:

• Device and tests are totally noninvasive (no blood, no saliva, no body fluids)

• Tests takes 30 minutes or less to complete.

• Tests require no supervision. Video and audio guidance explain each test.

• The AgeMeter® database continually updates and grows using globally collected data.

• The AgeMeter® value increases as the database grows, enhancing the precision of test results.

• AgeMeter® advances aging reversal research worldwide as a perpetually expanding global aging study.

• The AgeMeter® can be foundational for age research with database approach that can be customized.

• A Consumer App version will provide testing of hardware independent biomarkers and also refer users to affiliated AgeMeter® health care and fitness providers for comprehensive services.

• AgeMeter® measures a growing number of physiological biomarkers that decline with age.

* Disclaimer: The AgeMeter tests are not a medical device and do diagnose, treat, or cure Covid-19 infection or any disease.

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