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Clean and store your face mask with MaskRack

First-to-Market MaskRack™

Holds all your masks and sanitization products

The solution to returning home because you forgot your mask is here with MaskRack, the first-to-market hanging rack that provides a centralized location for masks and sanitization products in a way that no other product offers. Created by award-winning designers and available in two styles – Classic and Mod – this innovative product will help get dirty masks off of floors and countertops and into one clean place.

With mask-life being the new normal for the foreseeable future – COVID-19 is likely to influence our lives until 20221 – MaskRack offers a smart and discreet way to organize safety attire. Designed for individuals, families, and workplaces, MaskRack offers a sleek and minimalist design made of compact plastic (MaskRack Classic) or lightweight sheet metal (MaskRack Mod). It’s easy to hang, easy to clean, and holds all of your masks, filters, sanitizers, and other gear.

Patent-pending inverse hooks and functionality to accommodate various string sizes, larger masks and face shields. MaskRack helps masks socially distance on your rack when utilizing every other hook.

N95 Filter Slots: The only organizer to offer stand-up N95 filter holder slots built into the design of the rack.

Face Shield Ready: On the left side of each of the devices is a larger inverse nodule specifically designed to hold larger face shields, multi-bands, baseball caps, and more.

Easy Install: MaskRack easily goes up on your wall with included adhesive or - for heavier loads, screws directly into your wall (mounting holes and screws included).

Minimal and Customizable Design: The MaskRack is adaptable to your lifestyle. Its design enables personalization and storage for other commonly misplaced items like wallets, keys, and phones. “We were tired of forgetting our masks every time we left the house, and when we found them, they were usually filthy or surrounded by household clutter,” says Founder Nik Kleverov. “What’s worse, we kept finding used masks littered on the street. We felt this was going to become a huge environmental issue. We began solely using reusable masks and quickly realized we needed an efficient storage solution. In our house, MaskRack is that solution.”

MaskRack creates storage space for other sanitation products as well.

“I had to find a place for all these hand sanitizer bottles that was out of reach of curious little hands!” says MaskRack Co-Founder Rebecca Hamm, speaking of their toddler.

The husband-wife team, who co-founded a creative agency and have backgrounds in production, direction, and have multiple Emmy nominations between them, are extending into new territory with their creation of this business. MaskRack marries their creative background with their aesthetic eye and a pragmatic sense of duty to solve a common pain point in the current climate.

MaskRack is the first-of-its-kind product and business model. There are currently no other mask racks that are mass-manufactured and also contain custom N95 filter slots and sanitization support. Preliminary marketing has shown promising signs of healthy interest and sales. The global face mask market is estimated to be valued at $50 billion by 2025. What’s more, a recent study by McKinsey shows that most Americans believe they will still be wearing masks nine months from now, even if infection rates are lower.

The former U.S. Surgeon General also estimates COVID isn’t going away before 2022.

MaskRack products are available for sale at and on Etsy/eBay, and will soon be on Amazon and other online shops.

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