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Over 50 years covering baseball, Dan Schlossberg releases 'The New Baseball Bible: Notes, Nugget

Dan Schlossberg has written over 25,000 articles and 40 books about baseball while covering it for 50 years for media outlets that include the Associated Press,, Baseball Digest, The Sporting News, USA TODAY, Sports Weekly, and He entertains, challenges, and informs even the most rabid baseball fan with his The New Baseball Bible: Notes, Nuggets, Lists, and Legends from Our National Pastime (Skyhorse Publishing, March 17, 2020, Paper, 480 pages, $19.95, ISBN: 978-1-68358-346-2).

Lots of great baseball facts. A must have to keep as a Kindle book.

Just in the last 20 years, the baseball world has undergone cataclysmic changes.

Not to mention in 2020 as it is now a 60-game MLB season.

Called The New Baseball Bible because the weekly Sporting News tabloid called itself “the Bible of Baseball,” this unorthodox illustrated paperback is not only a tribute to baseball history but a treasure trove of Americana.

“The New Baseball Bible is a book of memories,” says Schlossberg. Filled with wit and wisdom, it celebrates the best, the worst, and the most unusual aspects of the game and the people who played it. Pretty enough to reside on a coffee table, it is also practical enough to leave in a bathroom. Pick it up anywhere, flip the pages in any direction, and smiles will flow.

The New Baseball Bible, filled with thousands of rarely known baseball facts, reveals:

· Number crunching behind baseball’s unique players, amazing feats, and great seasons

· Rules, rebels, and records of the game’s rich history

· Controversies surrounding scandals, the Hall of Fame, and the most lopsided trades ever

· Oddballs, pioneers, and personalities who helped turn the game into the national pastime

· Mascots, superstitions, unique stadiums, and funny player nicknames

· Best umpires, managers, players, teams, and owners

In addition to players, managers, and executives, this book pays homage to the presidents, movie stars, and other celebrities who contributed to the lore of the game. Baseball knows no party lines. It welcomes men like Ronald Regan, who used the game as a springboard to the White House, and Jimmy Carter, a rabid Braves fan who always wore his Atlanta hat in the ballpark.

Order your Kindle version here:

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