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WatchOut puts hand sanitizer right on your wrist

I love companies that have made a commitment to work with causes helping to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

How often do you find yourself reaching for a bottle of hand sanitizer these days? Whether walking the kids to school, jogging, or grabbing coffee at the office, chances are that you’re never too far away from a bottle of sanitizing solution… unless you forgot it at home.

WatchOut offers a better solution. Instead of carrying hand sanitizer, you can wear WatchOut on your wrist like you would a watch or bracelet. Just pick one of nine colored watch bands, pop in the portable bottle of hand sanitizer, and deploy as needed to kill germs that cause everything from the common cold to COVID-19. WatchOut is designed for easy, one-handed operation: simply mist your hand and rub until dry.

It’s perfect for those times when you find yourself without easy access to soap and water. Whether you’re out on a run, grocery shopping, or heading back to the office, it’s the improved solution to on-the-go hand sanitization.

The things we touch each day aren’t only gross, they’re making us physically ill.

WatchOut is your wearable solution for our new reality so that you can continue your daily routine while staying healthy. When soap and water just isn’t an option, this watch-like gadget brings a whole new level of portability to hand sanitization. Each WatchOut features a comfortable, customized rubberized band with a powerful hand sanitizer solution strapped directly to your wrist. No more fumbling with bottles, or worrying about leaks, WatchOut’s no-drip bottle is the always-on solution you’ve been looking for.

Simply strap WatchOut to your wrist like a bracelet or watch, pop in the included bottle of hand sanitizer spray, and go. Each no-leak, no-drip bottle features an 85% alcohol mixture that’s proven to kill everything from COVID-19 to the germs and bacteria that cause common colds and numerous infections.

Designed for one-handed operation, simply orient the nozzle on the spray bottle in the intended direction and squeeze for a gentle mist of hand sanitizing solution. Rub the solution into your hands until dry — or onto the surfaces around you — until dry to protect yourself from harmful germs and bacteria, the things we really didn’t think about much before. It's great for kids!

Being safe and smart is a statement, and WatchOut is available in one of nine colors so you can make the statement you want. Each package includes a WatchOut band, a precision engineered, portable spray bottle that comes pre-filled with high quality sanitizing solution, an additional refillable spray canister, and a full bottle of solution for easy refills.

“We have dedicated our lives to combining great design with indispensable functionality,” said Tomas Varga, Co-Founder of WatchOut. “In this case, smart design is about more than just aesthetics, WatchOut is a product that could actively fight infections that kill hundreds of thousands annually.”

With WatchOut, hand sanitizer is always close to the hip, literally. Save yourself the hassle of portable sanitizer bottles and wear one instead to protect yourself from the surfaces you touch daily, those where you’d really rather not know what’s on them.


A one-of-a-kind solution for one of today’s biggest problems

Single-handed operation allows for sanitation on the go

Perfect for consumers, businesses, and great for giveaways

Nine colorful bands with more on the way

A leak-proof aerosol bottle that comes pre-filled with a 85% alcohol-based high quality hand sanitizer solution

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