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Hotels using new technology for cleaning and sanitizing

Technology is enabling social distancing and cleanliness by reducing the need for in-person interactions and empowering hotels to deliver 'high-touch' service without the 'touch.'


Hotels go contactless: More than 70% of executives said they were considering or are already using contactless payment and digital messaging services, and close to 60% were considering/already using room keys activated by smartphone. Consumers concur, indicating that contactless payments (35%), digital room keys (26%) and digital messaging services (20%) were among the top three changes that would make them feel more comfortable staying in a hotel.

Self-service tools let guests skip the front desk: Over 70% of executives agreed or strongly agreed that self-service technology will be important to assisting guests while minimizing unnecessary contact, with two thirds (67%) reporting they were considering or are already using self-service check-in procedures. A similar portion of consumers (70%) agreed or strongly agreed they'd be more willing to stay at hospitality businesses that implemented these types of services, with 23% citing self-service check-in via kiosk as a change that would increase their comfort.

Ample amenities, less interaction: More than 60% of executive respondents reported they were considering or already making changes to expand room service options, and 50% are looking into expanding meal takeout/delivery options. One-fifth of guests ranked expanded room service options as a top factor for alleviating concerns, allowing them to avoid shared spaces such as hotel restaurants.

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