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Elite Games releases 'Trampoline Kit' active videogame platform

Meet the UNIS Elite Games Platform! This platform focuses on games that encourage healthy and active lifestyles. By combining love for innovation and technology with fun physical activities, we hope to bring a healthier type of entertainment to our players of all ages. At UNIS, the belief is that “Fun Is Universal”, with UNIS Elite Games, exercising and staying active should still be FUN! It's like the old Wii system, only more practical.

The very first Elite Games product: The Trampoline kit.

It is an interactive gaming system that combines playing video games with the fun of a trampoline. The system includes a digital box and a motion sensor that goes underneath the trampoline. The motion detectable sensor tracks your movement as you jump on the trampoline while playing virtual games on TV.

 It’s designed to suit a wide range of ages, so anyone can stay active at home.

With Elite Games Trampoline, you get to play games and burn calories at the same time. The system will track your health data such as play duration, calories consumption, activity time, and jump height, so you can also keep track of your performance!

Note: If you already own a trampoline, just connect the sensor and digital box to your TV and you are ready to go! It’s that easy. Can't wait to try!

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