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A look at the Gimars Natural Rubber Freezable Dog Chew Toy

I expect the unexpected when it comes to pet toys. Until your dog actually gets its teeth on the toy of the day, are you able to determine whether the toy in question is a success or not.

So unboxing the Gimars Natural Rubber Freezable Dog Chew was an experience in itself. The weight and construction of the Gimars Chew Toy lends on to think durability and quality. It even smelled good!

It's heavy!

If it was the perfect weight for my lab mix, I know it's a great option for German Shepherds,Golden retrievers, huskies,Cane Corsos, Great Danes and even Pit Bulls. It's tested and approved for durability.

Freeer Alert!

Like the new breed of dog chew toys, this one can be put in the freezer! The Freezable Ring Helps to Soothe Teething Dogs' Gums and Dogs Love It:Dog ring toy helps satify dogs' instinctual chew urge needs and relief teeching dog's sore gums.It provides a bit more interest than other toys for dogs and save your furniture and clothing from chewing dogs.


The BPA-and-Phthalate-Free Material is Food Grade Safe for Dogs to Chew:Feel the 100% upgraded natural rubber which is hard,flexible and harmless for dog chewing.At the same time, the smell of toys will attract the attention of dogs and make them chew.


The well constructed ring is layered Textures Promote Dog's Strong Jaw and Clean Teeth:It's made with layered textures for long-lasting chewing and improves your dog's dental hygiend.Unique ring desigm inspire chasing potential, and have fun with your dog!You dog will love this interactive dog tug toy .


Lifetime Replacement Guarentee and 100% satisfaction.

Under $15 and free delivery with Amazon Prime.

Give your pooch an unexpected surprise thanks to Gimars.

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