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AirView2 puts a wireless touchscreen monitor at your fingertips

For years, PC wireless monitors were impossible to use- touchable, wirelessly. Traditional wireless monitor functions were very limited and typically they could not support Mac, cannot support smartphone desktop mode etc. But now, all these had been changed by the AirView2 wireless touchscreen.

The new AirView2 continues improved its features. Updated since AirView1 previous generation:

• Wireless Samsung DeX touchable • Wireless PC/Mac touchable • Wireless HDMI display • Lagless feeling, direct responsive • Lossless image and video quality • 4k resolution available • Super-fast PD full charge in 1.5 hour • Battery quality optimized for last longer to 4 hours • Hassle free connection, wired and wireless display touchable

The AirView2 makes its case more than other normal portable monitors, unlike others, AirView2 is one versatile portable touchscreen abd all your need. Use it for conferences, meetings via touch control without a cable. It's an easy wireless presentation.

With AirView2, wireless smartphone desktop mode for Samsung DeX becomes reality. And it's not only for wireless DeX, as all other smartphones, Android Q onward and OS can become a portable mobile PC.

The wireless touchable connection gives a flexible option for everyone from students to businessmen to travelers.

Beyond home and work efficiency, AirView2 monitors also give gaming possibilities. Wireless Nintendo Switch, wireless HDMI game display, wireless somatosensory games and more. You'll notice no lag for gamers and those streaming content.

Since AirView1 has a lot of supportive voices, makes AirView2 more robust improvements. Not only traditional looking appearance, in the near future, AirView2 curved 2.5d screen will debut soon. The main reasons for its broad adoption by smartphones manufacturers are the better looks and improved comfort.

Displays with 2.5D glass are smooth on the edges, and they are not raised outside the screen body.

The AirView2 is ready for order via Kickstarter and official website:

The company's core founding team have 30 years in computer development experience. One of product line is focus on the smartphone-desktop efficiency. Forward-looking on the wireless touchscreen display, PC and mobile phone innovatively integration. The future trend is the smartphone is the computer, the company has more breakthrough products in this area.

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