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New ClearDryve headphones aimed at professional drivers

Expanding its celebrated and awarded ClearDryve® headphone and headset line, Rand McNally today debuted three new devices designed for professional drivers. The new ClearDryve® devices are landing in stores this week.

ClearDryve® is the company's line of superior wireless stereo headphones that convert into mono headsets through removal of one earcup, providing flexibility for over-the-road drivers.

Ongoing road testing and tuning have resulted in an exceptional level of noise cancellation through premium earcups, and noise suppression through the boom microphone. The unique 2-in-1 design provides professional drivers with two high-end products in one.

"We have seen an amazing response to ClearDryve® in the past 18 months since we launched the first device, including two CES Innovation Award honors," said Fletcher. "The next three ClearDryve devices we're launching have been fine-tuned even further, with additional features."

The three new ClearDryve® models shipping now are:

ClearDryve® 220: Matte black, 2-in-1 wireless headphones/headset with pliable boom microphone and plush over-the-ear cups for an acoustic seal

ClearDryve® 210: Matte black, 2-in-1 wireless headphones/headset with pliable boom microphone and soft on-ear cups for a lighter fit

ClearDryve® 100: Matte black, headset with a soft on-ear cup and cushioned head pad; may convert into headphones with the purchase of a second ear cup

The company first launched an over-the-ear model, the 200, in August 2018 followed by a second model, the 180, with on-ear cups, a year later. Rand McNally also sells an entry-level ClearDryve® model exclusively in Walmart stores.

The hallmark of the ClearDryve® line is the superior noise elimination – cancelling out noise in the earcups for better hearing, as well as blocking outside noise through the boom microphones so calls are crystal clear on the other end.

Developed by Rand McNally engineers and designers, in concert with audio experts, the devices block and/or eliminate more than 90-to-95 percent of ambient sound. Rivaling far more expensive European headphones, ClearDryve® provides a superior listening experience for drivers at an exceptional price.

"Professional drivers deserve a hard-working headset with exceptional noise cancellation at a decent price," Fletcher said. "The fact that the ClearDryve® line enables drivers to also use the devices as high-end headphones, provides even more value."

ClearDryve® features include:

Wireless: ClearDryve is cable-free with a built-in rechargeable battery offering more than 20 hours of talk time, more than 500 hours of standby time, and more than 20 hours of music playback time. Controls on the devices enable drivers to take calls, skip songs, and change the volume without having to touch their smartphones.

2-in-1: A removable earpiece turns the premium stereo headphones into mono headsets. (220 and 210) Clear calls: Multiple microphones cancel in-cab noise, enabling clear two-way communication. The device's signal processing removes most in-cab noise from the microphone for crisp, clean calls. The pliable boom microphone swings out of the way when not in use and can be muted.

Clear sound: With the slide of a button, ClearDryve's active noise cancellation kicks in to tune out ambient noise while listening to music.

Superior comfort and finishes: The headphones feature premium stitching, oil-resistant materials on memory foam, and eye-catching matte and polished materials.

To learn more about the new ClearDryve® line, go to

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