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'Grand Reopening' to support you favorite neighborhood restaurants and retailers

Wireless Wednesday exclusive: Rick talks to Tatyana Mamut, Head of Product at Nextdoor, the Neighborhood Hub.

Have a listen:

From curbside pickup in Detroit and Kansas City, to cocktails-to-go in Denver and NYC, neighborhood small businesses have had to get creative to navigate these last 2 months of sheltering in place. And in the face of possibly losing their favorite local restaurants and mom and pop shops, communities have rallied together to support their favorite businesses with gift card purchases, Takeout Tuesdays and GoFundMe pages.

States are reopening and neighborhood businesses will need even more support and ongoing resources to get back on their feet.

Tatyana Mamut, Head of Product at Nextdoor, the leading online platform for neighborhoods, discusses how vital local businesses are to thriving neighborhoods. As a successful product developer, and entrepreneur at heart, Tatyana understands what businesses will need to get back on their feet as we head into the new normal.

Nextdoor’s new free tools are designed to help business owners reach their neighbors and most loyal customers directly, allowing them to share their most current information like updates to hours, products, services and operations. She’ll also shares tips on how communities can help them keep their doors open by staying connected.

They discuss:

● Why are small local businesses so important?

● How can communities support their favorite neighborhood spot?

● What types of tools are available to help business owners re-open their doors in the coming weeks?

● Do you have any other tips you’d like to share?

● Where can we go for more information?

Tatyana Mamut is a transformative leader in Silicon Valley who drives innovation by understanding customers deeply and leading through empathy. She is currently Head of Product at Nextdoor, the world's leading social network for neighborhoods. She is a serial entre/intrapreneur, building successful products at Amazon, Salesforce, Nextdoor and IDEO.

At Amazon Web Services, Tatyana was General Manager & Director of Product, where she built a revolutionary new software product and scaled the team from 2 to 150 engineers, product managers, and designers. At Salesforce, she was Vice President of Product Experience for the IoT (Internet of Things) Cloud, where she led the vision and development for the democratization of IoT technology. Tatyana was also an executive at IDEO, where she built and led the Organization Design practice globally. She started her career in global advertising, working at Leo Burnett in Chicago, London, and Moscow. She has won several design & advertising awards for her work at IDEO and Leo Burnett, and holds multiple patents for her inventions at Salesforce and Amazon.

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