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Go-SafeMate Unveils Essential No-touch, Germ Safety Accessories in HandMate And KnobMate

The "new normal" in America.

Coronavirus has changed the way we live. Go-SafeMate protects us in this brave new world by changing the way we prevent germ exposure. Go-SafeMate's initial designs in its Summer 2020 Lifestyle Collection are the HandMate and KnobMate. The newest made in the USA essential, personal protective equipment (PPE), amongst face masks and hand sanitizers, helps prevent the spread of Covid-19 as the country reopens and cases of the virus surge.

Go-SafeMate's pocket size accessories serve both fashion and function with their cutting-edge design and antimicrobial material. These vital companions for navigating life are the no-touch solution for eliminating contact with germs in every-day activities. The HandMate allows you to safely proceed without any hand-to-surface touch on public transportation, in bathrooms, at restaurants, and more. Its companion, the KnobMate, permits you to open all styles of door handles, pull levers, push buttons, and more. These items ensure a safe return to schools, travel, and entertainment venues including, casinos, theme parks, airports, and cruise ships.

Go-SafeMate, founded by award-winning entrepreneur and inventor, Julia Brufke-Wenger of TaxTacklers, is a novel PPE accessory company emerging from the Coronavirus pandemic. Unlike the utilitarian predecessors in the no-touch product niche, Julia's HandMate and KnobMate are a whimsical and pragmatic solution to avoiding germs. Manufactured in America, exclusively for Go-SafeMate, the sleek designs are crafted in state-of-the-art antimicrobial materials with non-slip corrugated rubber and lightweight yet durable travel-friendly plastic. They are offered in a visually appealing palette of bright colors and come with a soft cloth pouch in which the items may be machine washed. They are designed to fit together and may be attached to a key chain. These must-have accessories for Summer 2020 are available pre-sale now for delivery in early July at They retail for $14.95 separately or $11 if purchased together, plus $3 shipping. They will also be sold on Amazon.

"We are at war with a virus for which we haven't had weapons," said Julia Brufke-Wenger. "My mission is to offer consumers an attractive and practical solution to safeguard themselves from germs while living their lives naturally."

Julia's Go-SafeMate accessories come to market just in time as the nation reopens and Covid-19 cases surge. The HandMate and KnobMate are essential for continuing in the effort to stimulate the economy and decrease the fear of viral contamination. The next item in the Summer 2020 Collection is the SafeSpaceMate, a collapsible six-foot spacer that helps accurately distance six feet while sitting, standing, or taking walks.

To learn more or to purchase Go-SafeMate's HandMate and KnobMate visit

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