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Fitbod releases Android version

Fitbod, an iOS App Store Editors' Choice for best health and fitness app, today releases its Android version, greatly increasing its availability in the smart device marketplace. The app works on Android smartphones and smartwatches.

This is an easy to use, new-generation app that uses advanced data analytics and fitness science to generate recommended daily workout routines. Based on users’ physical characteristics, fitness level, workout history, available equipment and workout time, Fitbod designs a personalized routine that changes each day to achieve optimal results, safely.


Fitbod works for people at any fitness level, from beginners to world-class athletes and anyone in between.

Among your story ideas, you might consider these:

Fitbod: a new fitness technology that is making a difference for thousands of users

Fitbod uses best practices in fitness science to help people intelligently achieve fitness goals

Fitbod creates optimal daily workout routines personalized to match your available equipment and time.

Fitbod has special routines for bodyweight-only and BOSU® Balance Trainer

This is your fitness program: Fitbod builds a complete fitness program scientifically personalized for you--conveniently on your smartphone or watch.

A personalized workout and more.

Fitbod takes the guesswork out of exercising by recommending workouts geared to each person’s fitness goals, level of fitness and physical condition. Guided by best practices in strength training and fitness science, Fitbod is a fitness lover’s dream, making workouts efficient, fun, and optimizing results for everyone from exercise novices to advanced athletes.

The good news is that for all its sophistication, Fitbod is an affordable tool for nearly everyone. After three complimentary trial workouts, users can subscribe to the app for only $9.99 per month or get an annual subscription for $59.99.

A trial version of the Android version can be downloaded on the Google Play Store,, or the Fitbod website,

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