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Zort Sports app will let you know when youth sports are back

With Youth and Adult Sports slowly returning the playing fields and courts, many event organizers are trying to interpret all the rules and regulations implemented by the municipalities where the events are happening.

New for COVID-19:

The Ultimate Fee Youth & Adult Sports management solution has created an editable COVID-19 waiver that can be used by any league, tournament, or camp to protect themselves, their event, and the facility.

The waiver can also be used when using the Zorts Sports website and apps to run your event. The waiver can be electronically signed by participating attendees. Events are run in real time!

The Zorts Sports apps are 100% FREE to use at all times. and allows organizers to handle everything from registration, eligibility scheduling, and communications.

Zorts Sports is changing the game with the introduction of the ZORTS PLAYER CARD.

For more information contact:

Zorts Sports is a 100% free to use Sports Management Solution for Adult and Youth Leagues for all Sports. We are partners with many of the major Youth Sports organizations in the United States but large or small, Zorts makes running an event or league quick and easy, saving time and money for sports organizations.

Zorts enables club managers and coaches to organize their team, schedule, and roster, connects fans with their teams, and keeps parents and players organized and up to date with all aspects of team management.

Zorts keeps you connected with your team and provides fast and fun tools to enhance the youth sports experience.

Coaches and Managers

• Save hours of time with the auto-generate game option for schedules with Round Robin, Double Elimination, and Single Elimination game modes.

• Automatic playoff seeding based on standings, with real time playoff brackets.

• Add your roster from your phone's contacts.

• Ability to track team invites and who has accepted.

Players and Parents:

• Receive automatic team notifications and updates.

• View team schedule and changes from your smart phone.

• Receive real time scores and bracket results.


• Find Teams, Leagues, and Tournaments in your area.

• View Schedules, Scores, and Live Bracket Standings.

• Receive turn-by-turn directions to the Game Site.

*This is complete online youth sports management, all through an app:


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