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IBM showcases 'Top Women in AI'

IBM recognizes top women leaders in artificial intelligence

Rick talks with IBM's Ritika Gunnar about IBM's list.

Have a listen:

IBM has announced its annual list of Women Leaders in Artificial Intelligence, which recognizes and celebrates women for leading change and driving innovation through the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to advance their companies in areas such as customer service, advertising, retail, and others. The announcement will come during IBM’s annual conference, that is taking place virtually this year, THINK Digital.

AI is a fundamental and fast-growing technology, one poised to drive dramatic advances in travel, education, transportation, fashion – and everything in between. But as advances in AI continue, advances in gender equality in technology fields continue to stall. Women represent an estimated 26% of AI professionals globally.

In a continued effort to push for gender equality in AI, IBM is showcasing top women from around the world who are first movers in AI for business. This year’s list of Top Women Leaders in AI includes more than 30 exceptional female business leaders across a variety of industries, in 14 countries around the world. Ranging in industries from banking to retail to electronics, the women on the list were selected based on the ways they are using AI as a transformation agent to help drive results for their organizations, and the employees and customers they serve.

IBM’s Ritika Gunnar is available for interviews to break down why shining a light on these “Women Leaders in AI” is an important step in creating more gender equality in technology. She leads the 1000+ person IBM AI and Data team that enables the company’s clients to adopt, deploy and be successful with AI. Today, IBM has more than 30,000 Watson client engagements across 20 different industries.

By shining a light on these women and their work, IBM hopes to not only inspire and energize others to adopt AI to make a true difference in their organizations, but also share that when businesses incorporate diversity into their leadership and technological development teams, better innovations and outcomes are created for employees, clients and society.


“Women Leaders in Al” list. How were the honorees chosen? Can you share some of the initiatives these women have led? Why is this kind of recognition important? STEM? How is AI changing people’s daily lives? Where can viewers go for more information?

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Ritika is the vice president of data and AI expert services and learning at IBM. She and her team work with clients on their transformation journey through a data- and AI-first methodology and help implement data and AI solutions using deep knowledge-based skills to accelerate the adoption of data and AI enterprise capabilities.

Previously, Ritika was the vice president of offerings for IBM Watson, where she was responsible for all of Watson’s Data and AI portfolio, defining the portfolio strategy, execution of product offerings, and driving business results; she was vice president of IBM’s worldwide cloud and cognitive GTM organization, drove IBM’s mission to apply deep cloud, data, and AI expertise to its clients’ most-pressing needs; she was the vice president of IBM’s data and analytics business, where she was responsible for the setting the strategy and execution of IBM’s data platform, data science, and analytics practices; she led and managed IBM’s master data management and information integration and governance business and IBM’s data warehousing and analytics business; she joined IBM as a software engineer in 1999.

Ritika holds a bachelor’s of science in computer science and an executive master’s in business from the University of Texas at Austin. She currently resides in New York.

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