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U-Stand gives you a shady private oasis

One of my favorite products of 2020 and especially handy in times of a pandemic and self quarantine is a simple umbrella stand.

The U-Stand is designed to fit any size umbrella. Anywhere from large resort grade umbrellas to smaller ones!

You get a portable bucket with a tube that runs through its center and opens up at the top. It is engineered to be highly portable, incredibly lightweight, and rugged enough to withstand the abuse of everyday use. It also withstands 40 mph winds.

An empty U-Stand can be easily taken to the beach, filled up with sand, and set up with a beach umbrella. Imagine a bucket full of beach sand incessantly preventing your umbrella from taking off. That’s U-Stand for you. You can fill up with sand or fill it up with water. You can even bring ice in it from home.

The functionally designed bucket stand offers a flat tabletop with cup holders on top for your beverages. It’s the ultimate beach, patio or poolside accessory.

It really is easy to carry and to use.


1. Insert strap through shoulder pad.

2. Insert strap through plastic clips, one on each side of the strap.

3. Insert end of the strap through the hole of the U-Stand, one on each side.

4. Insert end of strap through the clip as shown. 5. Attach metal U-clip to center tube over the hole, with large side out.

6. Remove lids by pushing thumb tabs in while lifting the lid. Repeat on other side.

7. Attach lids by placing them over the tabs and pushing down, until you hear a click.

How much does it weigh when full?

93 lbs. with sand!

61 lbs with water!

56 lbs. with ice!

Highlighted Features:

Made with UV protected durable plastic, never worry about it breaking Fits any size umbrella Includes 4 cup holders that will fit even the largest cups

Different colors

The U-Stand is the perfect accessory for shade anywhere. Here are a few of many places you can use the U-Stand:

Beach Tailgates Outdoor Concerts Backyard Outdoor Patio

Little League Games


and more..

Under $50:

Order yours here.

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