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Wearable COVID-19 sensor in the works

Good news! Researchers at Northwestern University in Chicago have developed a new wearable device, which uses a set of data algorithms tailored to catch early signs and symptoms that are associated with COVID-19. The team says that the wearable sensors can also monitor patients and the illness as it progresses. The sensor can be worn 24/7 and produces a continuous stream of data.

This is a game changer on so many fronts.

The sensor is combined with artificial intelligence to uncover subtle and potentially life-saving insights into COVID-19. The device can continually measure and interpret coughing and respiratory activity in ways that can't be done with traditional monitoring systems. Currently, the sensors are being used at the Shirley Ryan AbilityLab by COVID-19 patients, and the healthcare workers that are treating them. About 25 patients and caregivers began using wearable sensors about two weeks ago.

No timetable on a possible release.

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