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COVID-19 might open more avenues for cryptocurrency

One cryptocurrency exchange is opening new possibilities.

The first global marketplace in the history of cryptocurrency exchanges was officially launched by Coinsbit. Now all users registered on the platform will be able to buy consumer electronics with cryptocurrency.

The new Coinsbit Store is the first project in the industry that integrates cryptocurrency payments into real purchases on world-class marketplaces. Until this moment, such opportunities were provided only by several companies and were very limited both in the variety of goods and in payment methods.

Now, home appliances, electronics, and gadgets can be bought in just a few clicks. The main thing is that the buyer does not spend too much time and fees on converting cryptocurrency assets into fiat money. Coinsbit combined opportunities in a single ecosystem, so it's enough to have an account registered on the exchange with tokens suitable for paying for goods.

Among the supported tokens are stablecoins USDT, USDN, PLC, as well as the CNB exchange token. Using the new marketplace is no different from the experience of shopping in a regular online store: the same categories of goods, the same description of each position and the ability to make a purchase.

This is a real revolution in the world of online shopping for the entire cryptocurrency community. A few years ago, one could only dream about the possibility of buying a mobile phone, headphones or a movie projector for the funds that had been earned from trading a minute ago. Projects of this level move the industry forward and open up new prospects, in pursuit of the goal of making the world more convenient and easier for every person.

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