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Cybersecurity expert: Zoom conferences not the most secure

Cybersecurity Expert Eric Cole says web based video conferences such as Zoom are not always safe. It's especially important to take precautions when using free apps. These apps are susceptible to attacks.

Hackers also known as "Zoombombers" are invading classrooms and business meetings, sometimes just to be disruptive and other times to get information.

Cole offers these tips for both new and experienced Zoom users:

· A public meeting link is public, so don’t share it with anyone you don’t trust.

· Same goes for your personal meeting ID. Set up a password for participants to verify their entry before entering.

· Make sure to click on “Who Can Share?” and confirm that “Host” is the only button clicked. That prevents others from being able to share.

· Make sure only signed-in participants can join the call. This way you know who people are.

· You can also have two-factor authentication, and you can also disable video for participants and disable private chat.

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